Annabel’s Perfect Purse

What is it about purses that makes women weak at the knees? I honestly don’t know what it is, but I can tell you I’m one of those women. I used to buy so many different purses because I couldn’t get enough. I had one of every colour and design.

Satchels, bucket bags, clutches, duffels… I had them all, but oh, crossbodies were my favourite. I actually counted once, and I had 37 crossbodies in my closet at one time – not to mention all of my other bags and purses. My best friend Jojo laughed at me constantly. (But it’s ok, she has a crazy thing for shoes, so I bugged her right back!)


Less Is More: Higher Quality Purses Last Longer

That’s when I decided to make a change! I decided to start buying better quality and less stuff. I sold my older, cheaper purses to a consignment store and decided to really curate my purse collection from then on. And it was the best thing I’ve ever decided to do. I have such a stunning collection, and not more than 2 or 3 of each style.


Here’s the breakdown of my collection:

  • 2 shoulder totes because they’re incredibly useful for work (one for summer, one for winter)
  • 2 clutches from Annabel Ingall (one in black and one in a fun multi-coloured print to liven up go-out outfits)
  • 1 top handle satchel (I love it! only one for now because it’s real leather and the design of satchels is pretty intricate, which makes them more expensive)
  • 5 crossbodies (ok, I know I said I have at most 3 handbags of each kind, but there’s an exception to every rule, right??) Crossbodies are the most useful purses ever! Mine are all slightly different sizes, so I can really choose which will be most useful and look the best on me that day. Sometimes I go for the over-sized look, and sometimes I just want something small to carry my wallet in.
  • 1 bucket bag (who can resist these for the summer? A tan bucket bag was on my wishlist for a while!)
  • 2 backpacks (one sporty one and one leather one for traveling or for work)

My Favourite Styles And Designs

That’s about it. These are my favourite styles and designs, and I suggest you have at least one of each to complement your different outfits and needs. There are other handbag designs out there, but these are the most trendy and most useful. Don’t spend a million dollars on each (I’m not telling you to buy a Birkin here), but buy stuff made of leather that lasts. And buy colours you know won’t go out of style in the coming years. That’s the thing about a good purse – it lasts for years – and it’s not something you can grow out of 😉


What Are Your Needs?

Now, remember that you have to choose purses that are designed to suit your needs. If you like in the suburbs where the the biggest event is the yearly country fair, don’t buy the latest fancy schmancy purse because you won’t wear it enough to make it worth it. If you like the “glamorous look” don’t buy the latest contemporary handbag by Alexander Wang, because you won’t wear it, even if it’s cool. Make sure each purse in your collection makes sense with your lifestyle, your habits and your everyday style. If you’re sporty, maybe buy some nylon bags as well as leather bags. If you’re fancy, buy bags that will complement your outfit without overwhelming it (Too many gold chains are always a bad idea unless you’re 50cent). If you’re somewhere in between, get some nice minimalist bags that will match with everything.


How To Carry Your Perfect Purse

Now, once you’ve put all this effort into creating a solid purse collection, you’re probably wondering – “How should I carry all these different purses?” Well, there are different ways. Taylor Swift loves her top handle satchels and carries them hanging daintily off her wrist. If you can pull that off, it loos awesome. It’s pretty high maintenance though, and you won’t be able to carry anything else (not the way to do groceries, that’s for sure!) The newest and coolest way to wear the crossbody is to put it across your frame and instead of leaving it on the side like you used to, your bring it to the front of your body, right above your right leg. That’s how all the fashion bloggers are wearing it.


Current Trends

The trendiest way to wear a clutch is to buy it oversized and to fold it horizontally and place it under your arm. And with the backpack – you’ll be surprised – the coolest way to wear it is how the geeky kids used to wear it in high school – 2 straps on! Ah yes, fashion changes doesn’t it. So those are my two cents. Good luck in finding the purse design, style and colours that are right for you!